"This extraordinary, unthinkable, powerful Bull is an obsession for me.
There was, and is, no one like him. Comparisons are useless. With anyone."

Over a quarter of a century of 'Puro Talento Italiano'

In 1981 Tonino Lamborghini designed and branded his first watch. Reinterpreting the historic values and symbols which characterised his family, Tonino Lamborghini breathed life into a new prestige brand. Drawing inspiration from his preceding professional experiences in the fields of engineering and design, he extended the concept of luxury to products capable of evoking a world based on technology and innovation: watches, eyewear, perfumes, fashion accessories, furnishings, apparel lines created with the best quality and most sought after materials, a coordinated universe of style which expresses ‘Puro Talento Italiano’.
The creative spirit, the passion for the design and for the technology are the values that Tonino Lamborghini transformed into a personal style, which has since become synonymous with originality and luxury, appreciated worldwide for that typically Italian spirit capable of rendering every item unique. Gritty, passionate, inventive, elegant: Tonino Lamborghini incarnates the power of ‘Made in Italy’ style worldwide.
From over a quarter of a century, impressive progress in terms of prestige and revenues, for a brand that has exported its values and the excellence of its products at an international level. With over 15,000 POS served, Tonino Lamborghini today boasts a worldwide distribution that touches the five continents , with a concentration in the major european metropolis’ and in the main asian capitals.

Mr. Tonino Lamborghini
President of the Tonino Lamborghini Group
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